String Quartet

My second string quartet, "Caricatures" was written for the 2016 Chamber Music Institute at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Its first public performance was given June 10, 2016 by Ion Alexandru Malaimare (Violin I), Kai-Wei Chen (Violin II), Elizabeth Trower (Viola) and Nikita Annenkov (Cello). The piece is loosely based on themes of political satire.

I. Impetuous

II. Cunning

III. Vain

Piano Concerto

My three-movement piano concerto, "Voyagers" was performed July 12, 2014 by Steinway Artist Dr. Del Parkinson of Boise State University and the Memphis Repertory Orchestra under the direction of William Langley. Please enjoy the full video of the live performance.

I. Allegro ritmico

II. Moderato

III. Allegro moderato - Piu vivo

Song Cycle

This song cycle, Urban Haiku was a commission from soprano Elizabeth Tait and was premiered at Utah State University in March of 2014. The poetry is by Nick Manning and the song titles are as follows:

I. The night's smooth blackness

II. Melodic grumbles

III. Standard remodeling

IV. The robin

V. I'm not in the mood

VI. For just a moment

VII. A subtle sparkle

Cognitive Landscape

Cognitive Landscape was written as part of an ongoing collaboration between Arizona State University and the Phoenix Art Museum. The quartet is written in response to Paul Morrison’s painting Cambium (pictured). This performance was given April 23rd, 2015 at the museum. 

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