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String Quartet and Orchestra: Closed Loops (2023)

Closed Loops was commissioned by my alma mater, Utah State University, to mark the Fry Street Quartet’s 20th year as quartet in residence. In writing a piece to celebrate my mentors, I set out to explore the synergy of the teacher-student relationship by bringing multiple ensembles together much like a concerto grosso.  The piece was premiered April 8th, 2023 by the Fry Street Quartet and an orchestra comprised of string program alumni from the Caine College of the Arts.

This work is dedicated to the memory of Dan C. and Manon Caine Russell, whose unwavering support for the arts has provided access for countless musicians to a world-class music education.

Soprano, Tenor, and Chamber Orchestra: Amphigories (2022)

Amphigories is a 20-minute work for Soprano, Tenor, and Chamber Orchestra, and was written as my Doctoral dissertation at the University of Michigan. 

The piece is a cycle of six songs on original texts that explores concepts of meaning construction through the  juxtaposition of multilingual code-switching (featuring eight languages) and English-language nonsense verse.

Kimwana Doner, soprano

Jono Taccolini, tenor

Robby Meese, conductor

Saxophones, Piano and Percussion: TALK (2021)

TALK was commissioned by saxophonist Drew Hosler and was premiered at the University of Michigan on November 12, 2021. Each movement features a different horn, and each represents a distinct type of human conversation by creating a dialogue between the three performers.

I. Squabble (baritone saxophone)

II. Banter (tenor saxophone)

III. Murmur (alto saxophone)

IV. Chatter (soprano saxophone)

Drew Hosler, saxophones

Sylvan Talavera, percussion

Ceren Su Şahin, piano

Piano Quintet: Liminal Spaces (2021)

Liminal Spaces  was jointly commissioned by the Music Teachers National Association and the Michigan Music Teachers association and was a finalist in MTNA's national Commissioned Composer competition. 

The piece is an exploration of liminality both in terms of physical spaces (e.g., stairwells, airports, and hotel rooms) and temporal spaces (e.g., the space between teenage years and adulthood, finishing coursework and graduation, or the slow return to normal life after a global pandemic). 

Liminal Spaces is composed in three distinct sections, performed without pause.

Isabella Amador, violin 

Xenia St. Charles Gilbert, violin 

HeeJo Yang, viola

Maxwell Remmer, cello

Allison Shinnick, piano

String Quartet: Juvenoia (2021)

At a certain age, most people are confronted with the fear of changing times, technologies, and attitudes, and their effects on young people. Interestingly, a term for this phenomenon has only been available since 2011, when sociologist David Finkelhor coined the term “juvenoia” as a portmanteau of juvenile and paranoia .

This one-movement string quartet is a scherzo representing juvenoia as I see t playing out today—in sardonic humor, Internet memes, and eye-roll emojis. It was premiered March 23, 2023 as a part of the Crossing Borders series at Utah State University.

Orchestra: Three Distance Humors (2020)

Three Distance Humors is an orchestration of the final three movements of my piano suite (see playlist below):

I. Aggressive

II. Introspective

III. Restless

This orchestration was premiered at Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, MI on February 9, 2021 under the direction of Robby Meese.

Piano Suite: Distance Humors (2020)

Distance Humors is a six-movement piano suite written as a response to the various emotional and psychological effects of self-isolation and social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic. Each movement is a representation of one of these effects or "humors" and is based on a particular melodic or harmonic interval, and each was recorded by a different pianist:

I. Mechanical: Isidora Jovanović Driscoll

II. Detached: Karalyn Schubring

III. Spirited: Brandon Lee

IV. Aggressive: Kaden Larson

V. Introspective: Sara Mitton

VI. Restless, Del Parkinson